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Welcome to TheDigitalRonin.com

This is a site for digital nomads who want to take their experience and knowledge to the next level.

Life on the road

We bring you exclusive information–culled over 25 years–from living in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan and Europe (in five languages) with an eye to extract the most fun and profit living abroad and in close harmony with locals. We offer a mental preparation and maintenance plan to get you ready to go and make your journey or relocation a success.

Video coaching

With free and premium (how to make a profit) videos on schelect countries and cities, we walk you through the steps of making a move to somewhere new…as a single person or couple.

We also will offer a premium personal coaching plan for those who have specific goals or business ideas that merit us connecting you with people and companies in areas you are interested in, and giving you detailed information for when you hit the ground. We can assist you with marketing yourself, your business or idea.

Nachtwacht – Amsterdam´s bike culture takes a turn late at night

Harmonizing with locals

Overall we want you to take nomadism to the next level by becoming a digital ronin, an expert traveler, who connects and helps locals  by sharing their information and expertise.

Get involved and get customers

We run stories on different places in the world to show you how differently we approach travel, relocation and working and (lovin’) living abroad. Join us and get involved.

Write a  blog post or submit images or videos on our Facebook page or here.

‘Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned…’

What we are

TheDigitalRonin is a project of HiguchiMarketing.com a multilingual digital marketing company offering relocation consulting and marketing for you and /or  your clients. Feel free to contact us about affiliating with us to allow us to send interested people to your vetted business.

Based in Buffalo, New York, USA, just 50 min from Niagara Falls and just 2 hours from Toronto and Montreal and 5 from New York City we are in a unique place to offer you highly relevant local information and loads more from our vast repository of informal videos, images and experiences from the road.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

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