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Networking anywhere


Making a friend from a stranger in an instant

Everyone has heard that tacky line of: ¨Strangers are only friends you haven´t met yet¨.

This rings so true. When I was once in a bar above Waikiki, I was chatting with a gal who told me something profound.

She spun around and said to me: ¨You have so much in common with all these people here now than you imagine¨. Me, feeling the effects of a cold beer on a sunny Hawaiian afternoon was a bit incredulous, but I humored her and asked: ¨How?¨  She proudly piped up: ¨Because you all have paid a lot of money, to be in the exact same place…at the same time!¨.

The long arm of the Law…of attraction!

Now, in hindsight and retrospect at the same time, I know she was right. Why? The Law of Attraction. Not the New Age meaning, but more like a modification of the Law of Gravity, with a more personal spin to it.

  • Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that a particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force which is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers -Wikipedia

I could have been in Xcalacoop, Mexico or Dunfermline, Scotland, but we all would have paid good money to be there at the same time. Something we pictured in our minds about that place, and the people we hoped to meet and the times we hoped to have…made us unknowingly decide to logistically coincide in spacetime.

Since then, I have confirmed this, so many times, by walking up and talking to these people. Lo and behold. How many times to I find the ´coincidence´ of we know the same places, same jobs, or in certain uncanny times, the same people. The Law of Attraction is powerful and ubiquitous. Why not? It´s the same as the law of gravity ( mass attracts mass) but on a different, personal level.

All ears?

New friends in Alexanderplatz, Berlin, DE

One thing I learned as years as a top salesman was that: people learn to like you by talking about themselves. The caveat is: you have to be truly interested in what they are saying–you can’t fake it. How do you do this?

I read the autobiography of Harpo Marx. He met so many people because, like in the movies, he never talked…he listened. I´m not telling you to be mute (acknowledge what they are saying, but be all ears).

Be sincere

The key is listen for topics that interest you and ask them to expound on it. Of course they will be happy to do this, and you can glean what about them that really interests you and, in turn, they will see you really are interested in them and, at the same time,  you are both starting to like each other, finding common ground and, yes…becoming friends, formerly strangers.

Much more coming up on connecting deeply with people on casual encounters

Stay tuned!

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