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Stay on top of the scene

Keeping your goals in mind

The most important thing is to be well informed, always io looking for new opportunities, local events, social gatherings. This is important to keep your options open and your attitude at its peak.

Your attitude is most important tool you have to thrive and prosper where you may or may not speak the language.

Depression and loneliness can take a toll, especially in the winter in northern countries. Get out, meet people wherever you can.

Don´t forget about couchsurfing hangouts, it´s a great way to meet people right now if you are in a big city or tourist resort. Meetup.com and Couchsurfing and Facebook event discover are great ways to see what´s going on now in your town.

Practice your language(s)

Language training is important on an ongoing basis to improve your worth as a world worker and to not lose what language training you have.

Local connections

Collaborating with and meeting the locals is a top priority. You don´t know what you are missing out on until you confer with your local sources: ignorance is bliss. Physical exercise is key to keeping mentally and physically fit.

Cycling and jogging are great ways to keep fit on the cheap. Gyms are a great way to connect with people and stay in shape.

Keep a positive mental attitude, stay relevant and on top of the local scene